Anilao, the Philippines

November 2015


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FAN-001 Pomacentrus bipunctatus, Double-spot or Ambon damsel
Double-spot damsel
or Ambon damsel

FAN-002 Ficus variegata, variegated fig shell
variegated fig shell

FAN-003 Tectonatica sagraiana, Lined moon snail
Lined moon snail

FAN-004 Liachirus melanospilos, juvenile Carpet sole or Blackspotted sole
juvenile Blackspotted sole

FAN-005 Harpa articularis, Articulate Harp
Articulate harp

FAN-006 Dactyloptena orientalis, juvenile Oriental flying gurnard
Oriental flying gurnard
FAN-007 Platax batavianus, juvenile Humpback batfish or Zebra batfish
juvenile Humpback batfish or Zebra batfish
FAN-008 Ardeadoris averni, Avern's glossodoris
Avern's glossodoris

FAN-009 Echineulima asthenosomae, Fire urchin snail, with eggs
Fire urchin snail,
with eggs
FAN-010 Phyllodesmium jakobsenae, Jacobsen's phyllodesmium
Jacobsen's phyllodesmium

FAN-011 Hamodactylus cf noumeae
Hamodactylus cf noumeae
FAN-012 Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus, Short-tailed pipefish or Bent stick pipefish
Short-tailed pipefish
FAN-013 Pteragogus enneacanthus, Redstriped wrasse or Cockerel wrasse
Redstriped wrasse
FAN-014 Antennarius maculates, Warty or Clown frogfish
Warty frogfish
FAN-015 Xenocarcinus tuberculatus, Wire coral crab or Xeno crab
Wire coral crab
FAN-016 Goniobranchus coi, Co's goniobranchus
Co's goniobranchus

FAN-017 Micromelo undatus, Miniature melo or Wavy-lined bubble
Miniature melo

FAN-018 Dactyloptena orientalis, juvenile Oriental flying gurnard
Oriental flying gurnard

FAN-019 Sepioteuthis lessoniana, Bigfin reef squid
Bigfin reef squid

FAN-020 Amphiprion clarkii, Clark's anemonefish
Orange-fin anemonefish

FAN-021 Rhinopias frondosa, Weedy scorpionfish 1
Weedy scorpionfish 1

FAN-022 Rhinopias frondosa, Weedy scorpionfish 2
Weedy scorpionfish 2

FAN-023 Dactylopus dactylopus, male Fingered dragonet
male Fingered dragonet

FAN-024 Chaetodon kleinii, Sunburst butterflyfish
Sunburst butterflyfish

FAN-025 Ostracion cubicus, juvenile Yellow boxfish
juvenile Yellow boxfish

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all pictures made by Rokus Groeneveld
Nikon D800 with 60mm macro in Subal ND800 housing
Strobes: Subtronic Mega Color and Subtronic Midi