the Philippines, Cabilao

December 2005


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FCA-01 Crocodile snake-eel, Brachosomophis crocodilinus
Crocodile snake-eel

FCA-02 Anemonecarrier, Dardanus pedunculatus
Anemonecarrier 1

FCA-03 Slender lizardfish, Saurida gracilis
Slender lizardfish

FCA-04 Harlequin crab, Lissocarcinus laevis
Lissocarcinus laevis

FCA-05 Striped eel catfish, Plotosus lineatus
Striped eel catfish

FCA-06 Calf cowrie, Lyncina vitellus
Calf cowrie

FCA-07 Dark-shouldered snake eel, Ophichthus cephalozona
 snake eel

FCA-08 Squid
Bigfin reef squid

FCA-09 Wire coral goby, Bryaninops yongei
Wire coral goby

FCA-10 Vir philippinensis on Plerogyra sinuosa
Vir philippinensis

FCA-11 Heron ardeadoris, Ardeadoris egretta
Heron ardeadoris

FCA-12 Red-margined Glossodoris, Glossodoris rufomarginatus
Red-margined Glossodoris

FCA-13 Michel's ghost goby, Pleurosicya micheli on Plerogyra sinuosa
Michel's ghost goby

FCA-14 Clown anemonefish, Amphiprion ocellaris
Clown anemonefish 1

FCA-15 Mushroom Leather Coral, Sarcophyton sp. 1
Mushroom Leather Coral 1

FCA-16 Mushroom Leather Coral, Sarcophyton sp. 2
Mushroom Leather Coral 2

FCA-17 unidentified scorpionfish
unidentified scorpionfish

FCA-18 Clown anemonefish, Amphiprion ocellaris
Clown anemonefish 2

FCA-19 Upside down jellyfish, Cassiopeia andromeda
Upside down jellyfish

FCA-20 juvenile Commmon lionfish, Pterois volitans
juvenile Commmon lionfish

FCA-21 Red reticulate nudibranch, Goniobranchus reticulatus
Red reticulate nudibranch

FCA-22 Five-lined cardinalfish Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus
Five-lined cardinalfish

FCA-23 Demon stinger, Inimicus didactylus 1
Demon stinger 1

FCA-24 Demon stinger, Inimicus didactylus 2
Demon stinger 2

FCA-24 Plakobranchus ocellatus
Plakobranchus ocellatus

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all pictures made by Rokus Groeneveld
Nikon F100 with 60mm macro in a Subal N10 housing
Strobe: Subtronic Mega Color
Film: Fuji Sensia 100 asa