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Image copyright and appropriate usage of pictures

All images © copyright 1992-2024 Rokus Groeneveld

Personal Use Criteria
The following are the conditions under which I give individuals permission to link to (or copy) JPEG images and other photographs:
- You may print a copy of any photograph for personal reference without further permission.
- You are welcome to download images and use them for educational or scientific purposes like
  (school)papers, presentations or so for free so long as proper credits are given:, Rokus Groeneveld.

Usage criteria for websites
- You may make LINKS to the images on pages you maintain for yourself for personal,
  non-commercial use.
- For non-commercial online use you can make use of these images, but again, only using Links
  to the images.
- That also specifically means you itís not allowed to crop, mirror, delete the watermark or in any
  other way alter the pictures.

Criteria for commercial use
Images are not intended for commercial use. However, please contact me on if you want to use pictures for commercial purpose, like for example for exhibitions, books or other publications.

If you for any other use or purpose would like to receive a high resolution copy without watermark, please feel free to contact me on