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u071 IGI-34 unidentified Terebra shell on Eyed sea cucumber, Bohadschia argus
Terebra shell

u072 IGI-089 unidentified shell
unidentified shell

u073 IBA-217 unidentified shell
unidentified shell

u074 IBA-337 unidentified turban shell, Turbo sp
Turbo sp.

u075 IAM-178 unidentified spindle cowrie, Phenacovolva sp
Cuspivolva formosa

u076 IAM-u123 unidentified trailing olive shells, Oliva sp
Oliva tigridella
u077 IAM-269 unidentified Strombus sp
Strombus sp.
u078 IHW-109 unidentified shells
unidentified shells
u079 IHW-123 unidentified Nassarius sp
Nassarius sp.

u080 IHW-131 unidentified Strombidae
Margistrombus marginatus?
u081 IHW-155 unidentified shell 1
unidentified shell
u082 IHW-252 unidentified mitre, Vexillum sp
Vexillum sp.

u083 IHW-088 unidentified baler shell, Melo sp
Melo aethiopicus

u084 IL4-037 unidentified shell with anemone
Nassarius sp.

u085 IL4-198 unidentified shell, family costellariidae
family Costellariidae

u086 IL4-111 unidentified Strombus sp
Strombus sp.

u087 IB2-070 unidentified spindle cowry, Phenacovolva sp
Phenacovolva sp.

u088 FNE-118 undetermined Oliva sp 2
Oliva sp.

u089 FNE-025 undetermined Auger, Terebra sp
Terebra sp.
u090 FNE-247 undetermined shell, maybe family Nassariidae
Nassarius sp.
u091 FM2-182 undetermined Vexillum sp
Vexillum sp.
u092 FM2-201 undetermined Lambis sp
Lambis sp.
u093 FM2-275 undetermined Turridae
family Turridae
u094 FM2-300 undetermined small shell
family Haminoeidae?

u095 FM2-307 undetermined Oliva sp
Miniaceoliva miniacea

u096 EMA-196 undetermined Strombidae
family Strombidae

u097 EMA-071 undetermined cowrie, family Cypraeidae
family Cypraeidae

u098 BONb-201 undetermined Gastropod
undetermined Gastropod

u100 IH2b-164 undetermined Mitre

u101 IH2b-209 undetermined shell, maybe Phos sp
maybe Phos sp.

u102 IH2-057 undetermined shell, family Nassariidae
family Nassariidae

u103 IH2-058 undetermined Nassarius sp
Nassarius sp.

u104 IH2b-217 undetermined shell, family Turridae
family Turridae

u105 IH2b-221 undetermined moon snail, family Naticidae
family Naticidae

u106 IH2b-248 undetermined  shell, maybe Pseudamycla sp
maybe Pseudamycla sp.

u107 IRA-011 undetermined worm snail, family Vermetidae
family Vermetidae

u108 IRAb-248 undetermined shell, mayby family Volutidae
Pardalina sp.?
or  Pyrene sp.?

u109 IRAb-251 undetermined bubble snails, Bullina sp
family Haminoeidae?

u110 IRAb-255 undetermined shell, probably family Nassariidae
family Columbellidae, Mitrella sp.?

u111 IRAb-257 undetermined shell 2
Clavus flammulatus

u112 IRAb-284 undetermined snail, Stomatella sp
Stomatella sp.

u113 FAN-139 undetermined Vexillum sp
Vexillum sp.

u114 FAN-268 Olivia sp, undetermined Olive snail
Miniaceoliva miniacea
u116 IB3-205_undetermined_Gastropoda_eggs
Gastropoda eggs

u117 IB3-269_undetermined_shell
Niso brunnea
u118 IB3-271_family_Terebridae,_undetermined_shell
family Terebridae

u119 IB3-272_family_Mitridae,_undetermined_shell
family Mitridae
u120 IB3-435_undetermined_shell
undetermined shell

u121 IB3-438_maybe_family_Costellariidae,_undetermined_shell
family Costellariidae
u122 FRO-010_undetermined_shell
family Trochidae
u123 FRO-388_undetermined_Gastropoda_eggs
Gastropoda eggs
u124 FRO-411_undetermined_shell_1
family Trochidae
u125 FRO-414_family_Costellariidae_undetermined_shell
Turridae or Drilliidae
u126 FRO-424_family_nassariidae_undetermined_shell
family Nassariidae

u127 FRO-426_family_Columbellidae_undetermined_shell
family Columbellidae

u128 FRO-449_family_Nassariidae_undetermined_shell
family Nassariidae

u129 IMI-139_undetermined_Chicoreus_sp
Chicoreus sp.

u130 IMI-215_family_Strombidae_undetermined_conch
Tridentarius dentatus?

u131 IMI-073_probably_family_Architectonicidae_undetermined_sundial
family Trochidae