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u166 IBA-228 unidentified Periclimenes sp
Periclimenes sp.

u167 IAM-046 unidentified female Saron sp
female Saron sp.

u168 IAM-290 unidentified boxer shrimp, Stenopus sp
Stenopus sp.

u169 IAM-383 unidentified Saron sp
Saron sp.

u170 IL4-192 unidentified spearing mantis shrimp
spearing mantis shrimp

u171 IL4-266 unidentified spearing mantis shrimp
spearing mantis shrimp

u172 IL4-303 Ventral-barred shrimp goby, Cryptocentrus sp., with unidentified snapping shrimp Alpheus sp
Alpheus sp.

u173 IB2-228 unidentified Periclimenes sp
Periclimenes sp.
u174 IB2-235 unidentified shrimp 2
unidentified shrimp

u175 IB2-239 unidentified transparent shrimp
unidentified transparent shrimp

u176 FNE-130 undetermined Metapenaeopsis sp
Metapenaeopsis sp.

u177 FM2-042 undetermined prawn, Metapenaeopsis sp
Metapenaeopsis sp.

u178 FM2-060 undetermined shrimp, probably Brucecaris sp
probably Brucecaris sp.

u179 FM2-077 undertermined crinoid commensal shrimp, family Palemonidae
family Palemonidae

u180 FM2-302 undetermined shrimp, probably family Processidae
probably family Processidae

u181 IH2b-126 undetermined prawn, family Penaeidae 1
family Penaeidae

u182 IH2-099 undetermined Tozeuma sp
Tozeuma sp.

u183 IL5-301 undetermined Tozeuma sp
Tozeuma sp.

u184 IRAb-326 undetermined shrimp, maybe family Palaemonidae
family Palaemonidae

u185 IB3-255_Alpheus_sp.,_undetermined_snapping_shrimp_1
Alpheus sp.

u186 IB3-307_undetermined_commensal_shrimp_in_Flower_soft_coral,_Xenia_sp
undetermined commensal shrimp

u187 IB3-371_undetermined_sponge_shrimp
undetermined sponge shrimp

u188 FAN-151 family Alpheidae, undetermined snapping shrimp
family Alpheidae

u189 FAN-235 Metapenaeus sp, undetermined prawn
Metapenaeus sp

u190 FRO-033_undetermined_Periclimenes_sp_Wasp_shrimp
Periclimenes sp.

u191 FRO-266_undetermined_tiny_shrimp_maybe_Periclimenes_sp
maybe Periclimenes sp.

u192 FRO-305_maybe_Metapenaeopsis_sp_undetermined_prawn
Metapenaeopsis sp.

u193 FRO-307_family_Processidae_undetermined_night_shrimp
family Processidae

u194 FRO-081_undetermined_shrimp_probably_family_Palaemonidae
family Palaemonidae

u195 FRO-373_undetermined_Cuapetes_sp
Cuapetes sp.

u196 FRO-452_family_Processidae_gathering_undetermined_night_shrimps
family Processidae

u197 IMI-198_undetermined shrimp_maybe Latreutes sp
maybe Latreutes sp.